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Sound Clips, Page 2

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Filename Size (KB) Description
DA021.wav 57 "Don't talk, just come" - Max
DA022.wav 53 "Like I even care" - Max
DA023.wav 65 "Listen to me very carefully" - Max
DA024.wav 111 "Am I going to go home and be a good girl, or....." - Max
DA025.wav 130 "...which makes me an awesome killing machine and a hoot at parties" - Max
DA026.wav 86 "My pager, my keys, you lose them, you're dead." - Max
DA027.wav 53 "There is a god" - Max
DA028.wav 75 "Oh, but so happy" - Max
DA029.wav 43 "None of your business" - Max
DA030.wav 60 "A dyslexic slut at that." - Kendra
DA031.wav 186 "On second though, you're not leaving this room" - Max
DA032.wav 135 "Three times a year I'm climbing the walls looking for some action." - Max
DA033.wav 86 "Can you be perfectly honest with me?" - Max
DA034.wav 351 "I've never been much for figuring out why bad things happen, I just know they do.  So the job is trying to figure out how to deal with the consequences." - Logan
DA035.wav 208 "Listen to me very carefully, my name is Logan, I'm a close friend of Max, tell my your name." - Logan    (Note: I work at a computer helpdesk, and I would love to answer the phone using this phrase.)
DA036.wav 75 "Can I ask what you're doing with her pager." - Max
DA037.wav 65 "Why does everybody keep saying that." - Logan
DA038.wav 281 "And my personal favorite from this idiot, you were detained by the Sector Police for practicing witchcraft!" - Normal
DA039.wav 111 "Girl, what's in those pills?...Spinach" -Original Cindy and Max
DA040.wav 32 "And a Pony" - Logan (For some reason, I find this line funny)

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