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Favorite/Funny/Unusual Names

These are all names of real people that I have actually talked to:

Name Comment
Aristotle Ford  
Allegra Louth Maybe she has allergies...
Ben Hur O.K., so his name is really Benjamin Herr
Bob Briscoe Apparently the TV show "Frasier" doesn't pay much.
Bob Short Let's type that last name first
Carl Woodcock
Dan Daniels  
Deborah Rasin  
Douglas Ego  
Dung Pham  
Greg Manga Well, he's not Japanese, and he pronounces it wrong.
Harris Farris  
Jack Daniels  
Jade Toon  
Janet Jackson  
Joe Fink  
Joe Lackey Hmmm.
Kevin Klien
Margarita Tribble Star Trek fan???
Martha Stonebreaker  
Mike Meyers Yeah, Baby!, Yeah!!
Mitzi Bucy Say it like it's one word, and slur it a little.
Nancy Kaza File sharer?
Peter Shwartz Is his favorite movie Spaceballs?
Rita Papp  
Scott Adams I've talked to the creator of Dilbert!
Steve Martin  
Steven Dork He he he!
Shannon Miller Apparently they work for GM after the Olympics
Thomas Anderson You have no idea how hard it was to resist doing my Agent Smith impression.

These are names of real people that co-workers have talked to:

Name Comment
Mohammed Ali  
Nagaiah Gaddipati Yes, the last name is pronounced "Gotta Potty"
Onno Hommes Pronounced (Oh-no Hommies)

I swear I'm not making any of these up!