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    This page has Pern mouse cursors for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0 or higher.
    Download instructions:  Copy the cursor file into your windows\cursors folder.  Use the mouse option in Control Panel to change your cursor.   (Note: Animated cursors work best as Working in Background, or Busy cursors.) Download the entire set! The Red Star swings into alignment with the eyestones. Thread falling.
GoldDragon.cur   A Gold Dragon.
GoldDragon...   A Gold Dragon going between.
GoldDragon...   A Gold Dragon with a question mark. (use for help cursor)

Note: As of now, I only have a 16 color cursor editor, so the Bronze and Brown dragons look a little off-color.

BronzeDragon.cur   A Bronze Dragon.
BronzeDragon...   A Bronze Dragon going between.
BronzeDragon...   A Bronze Dragon with a question mark.
BrownDragon.cur   A Brown Dragon.
BrownDragon...   A Brown Dragon going between.
BrownDragon...   A Brown Dragon with a question mark.
BlueDragon.cur   A Blue Dragon.
BlueDragon...   A Blue Dragon flaming.
BlueDragon...   A Blue Dragon going between.
BlueDragon...   A Blue Dragon with a question mark.
GreenDragon.cur   A Green Dragon.
GreenDragon...   A Green Dragon flaming.
GreenDragon...   A Green Dragon going between.
GreenDragon...   A Green Dragon with a question mark.

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