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Stargate Sound Clips Page 2


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startup.wav 16 "Permission to barge in sir?" -Colonel O'Neill
TORONTO.WAV 80 "The Stargate is a secret, and I was born in a place called, Toronto?" "Right" -Cassandra and Capt. Carter (from "Singularity")
WEDIE.WAV 45 "Are we going to die?" "No, we are not going to die." -(same as above)
WEIRD.WAV 44 "Lately, I get this weird feeling when I'm near Teal'c." "Hey, who doesn't?" -Capt. Carter and Colonel O'Neill
backside.wav 15 "Watch our lovely backsides" -Colonel O'Neill
bathroom.wav 100 "How 'ya doing?......Seen a bathroom around here? (Shooting)" -Colonel O'Neill
cake.wav 16 "I guess it wasn't the cake" -Colonel O'Neill
cake2.wav 11 "It's a piece of cake" -Colonel O'Neill
canit.wav 9 "Will you can it!" -Colonel O'Neill
careerov.wav 19 "Ya, my career is over" -Capt. Carter
chicken.wav 39 "This tastes like chicken." "So, what's wrong with it?" "It's macaroni and cheese." Dr. Jackson and Capt. Carter
colspeak.wav 110 "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your colonel speaking, welcome to.. P3X989, where it's a balmy, room temperature." -Colonel O'Neill
crap.wav 10 "Oh, cut the crap!" -Colonel O'Neill
cryout.wav 16 "Oh for crying out loud!" -Colonel O'Neill
deduct.wav 30 "I pride myself on my deductive reasoning skills" -Colonel O'Neill
demons.wav 27 "We are not demons for crying out loud!" -Colonel O'Neill
dialhome.wav 21 "Daniel, lets start dialing home" -Colonel O'Neill
dog.wav 54 "Daniel, you dog, keep this up, you'll have a girl on every planet!" -Colonel O'Neill
elderly.wav 24 "Don't keep the elderly waiting, it's rude" -Colonel O'Neill
excuseme.wav 16 "Ex..cuseme?" -Colonel O'Neill
funyhair.wav 85 "Oh, just remembering what the little guy with funny hair once told us." "The very young do not always do as they're told." Dr. Jackson and Colonel O'Neill

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