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Star Trek Next Gen Wavs

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Next Generation Sounds

STTNG01.wav 54 "Ah, a game" - Data, after Wes tells him putting the isolinier chips back is like a game.
STTNG02.wav 43 "It never happened" - Natasha to Data at the end of 'The Naked Now'
STTNG03.wav 40 "Shields and Deflectors up, sir" - Worf
STTNG04.wav 65 "These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise" - Opening title
STTNG05.wav 75 "To boldly go where no one has gone before" - Opening Title
STTNG06.wav 74 "And now a personal request sir, permission to clean up the bridge" - Worf
STTNG07.wav 38 "Prosecute and Judge" - Q
STTNG08.wav 79 "Splendid Captain, you're a veritable fountain of good ideas"- Q
STTNG09.wav 54 "Let's see what this galaxy-class starship can do" - Picard 54 "It is possible, but absolutely no margin for error" - Data, when asked about separating the saucer at high-warp velocities
STTNG11.wav 80 3 Torpedoes being fired rapidly
STTNG12.ZIP 87 (Transporter sound effect) 50 "Don't see no points on your ears, boy, but you sound like a Vulcan" - McCoy to Data
STTNG14.wav 41 "Almost as bad" - McCoy, after Data responds that he is an android 62 "Space, the final frontier" - Opening title
STTNG16.WAV 46 "See 'yah" - Gordie, after talking to Crusher about his visor
STTNG17.ZIP 40 "The game, is afoot!" - Data, as Sherlock Holmes
STTNG18.ZIP 112 The Klingon death ritual. (Klingons howling to warn the dead, 'Beware, a Klingon warrior is coming.')
STTNG19.WAV 65 "Gagh is always best when served live." - Klingon to Riker
STTNG20.WAV 3 (The doorbell noise that means someone is at the door.)

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