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Can't use IM and web forums without avatars! (well, you could.....) Here's a lot of anime avatars, and a few more to boot, feel free to use any of them, but please find your own hosting, thanks!


Angel Links Inuyasha Please Teacher
Azumanga Kenshin R.O.D.
Catgirls Kiddy Grade Rune Soldier
Crest of the Stars Last Exile Saber Marionette J
Dual! Love Hina Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko
E's Otherwise Magical Meow Meow Taruto Stellvia
El Hazard Mars Daybreak, The Stratos 4
Full Metal Alchemist Nadesico Super GALS!
Full Metal Panic Non-Anime World of Narue
Gunparade March Oh! My Goddess
If I See You in My Dreams Other