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File Name Size (KB) Description
dodgeths.wav 81.8 "Dodge This" - Trinity
everyone.wav 189 "Everyone please observe, the fasten seat belt signs have been turned on..." - Tank
getup.wav 95 "Get up Trinity, just get up" -Trinity
iloveyou.wav 752 (Trinity's talk to Neo after the agent "Kills" him.
loadusup.wav 71.5 "Tank, load us up." Trinity
lotsguns.wav 52.5 "Guns. Lots of guns." - Neo
matrix.mid 25.7 (Matrix midi music, background music for this page.)
nospoon2.wav 32.4 "There is no spoon" - Neo
thatfast.wav 158 "How did you do that? Do what? You moved like they do, I've never seen anyone move that fast. It wasn't fast enough." - Neo and Trinity
trinhelp.wav 46.8 "Trinity! Help!" - Neo (I think)
watching.wav 31.7 "They're watching you Neo." - Trinity
welcome.wav 100 " the real world." - Morpheous
whatneed.wav 70.1 "Ok, so what do need? Besides a miracle." - Tank