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ePubePub eBook Resources

This section hosts eBooks in the IDPF .epub format, reviews of software programs to read and create ePub books, and a tutorial on how to make books in that format.



Books - Books in the .epub format for you to download and read, as well as links to other sites on the internet where you can get books in the .epub format.

Reviews of ePub Reading Software - Want to read ePub books on your PC, iPad or other device? You need a program that can read the ePub format, and there are lots of choices. Read the review to see which ones are the best.


Reviews of programs that make ePub books - Don't like to manually edit XML files? There are programs will do the work for you. Read the reviews to see which programs are the best. There are options for people that want to make there own content and just want a program to assemble it, to WYSIWYG programs that practically do it all for you.


Manual ePub TutorialManual Tutorial:

How to un-zip an ePub file and manually edit the files inside it.

Note: ePub version 3 is out now, but no reader software yet supports it. Once a reader that supports it is available, I will update the tutorial with new information. (I don't want to update it without being able to test and make sure what I'm saying is accurate. Update: Azardi now supports ePub 3. As it is the only one to do that so far, I'm not in a rush to do anything with ePub 3, but I'm looking into it. Eventually, there will be a separate tutorial for it, or, if it really takes off, it will replace the current one.)

SigilSigil Tutorial:

How to edit eBooks using Sigil. Sigil is a program that you can use to edit ePub files. You can make changes to existing files, or create a brand new ePub file using Sigil, all in one program.